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The Marketing Trifecta

The Marketing Trifecta

Marketing a bricks and mortar business today takes in a myriad of angles, methods and budgets. More and more, businesses are doing more with less. How do you successfully manage this large ravenous spider called marketing?

The more I visit with local business, the more I discover that we all need help. Many biz owners here believe that all they need is facebook and they’re good to go. Might I enlighten you to how my world sees it.

It’s called the Marketing Trifecta

  • Facebook
  • Website (with blog)
  • Email

While the approach may sound simple, it is hardly easy, unless you practice a ‘one and done’ approach. Allow me to detail it.

One And Done

  1. You post up a great educational piece of content. It could be anything that your audience (aka your tribe) would be looking to know more about. Looking to learn how your stuff might help them solve a problem. Their problem, not how cool or neat you or your business is… but rather this is ALL about them and them only.
  2. Using a ‘one and done’ approach, this amazing content you just posted up on your blog, now gets automatically posted to your facebook page (and optionally Twitter) where your followers will now see it. Read it. Like it. Share it. (if you’re lacking like I am in the ‘likes’ department on your facebook page, then stay tuned for future posts as I will be doing a live case study on how I got to 1,000 likes in a small community. At least that is my goal)
  3. The minute your followers hit your blog to read this latest post… they also notice your call to action form. Something like this: ‘How to Get 1,000 Likes – Free Report’ (this is what I will be posting up on mine as soon as I get there, but for now, my call to action is Join My Newsletter). The whole thing here is your mailing list.

He Who Has the Largest List Wins

In marketing, your email list is very, very valuable. It allows those targeted pieces of educational material, promotions, events, etc. to be told instantly and for free to your entire list. That’s power. That’s marketing power. Mailing to your list once a week is ideal and as long as you’re mailing useful content, it’s of real value to your followers and subscribers.

Email is not dead! If that were at all true, then some of the largest store chains and most successful online businesses in the world, wouldn’t be trying to get you to join their list, or hit you with constant updates, events & promotions.

All Three Efforts Bring It Together

So it’s not just facebook. It’s not just your website. It’s using all three… facebook, website, email to tie it all together. Using a one and done approach allows you to post up your latest, greatest content, then have it automatically available to your social tribe and finally emailed to your list.

The one that goes to your list is still the same content, however ideally you will want to throw them an extra bonus or invitation to an upcoming event, coupon, something of even greater value for your tribe to cash in on.

When this is all done correctly, people can’t help but like and talk about your biz. That’s the social aspect coming in for round two. And so it continues. And begins the marketing trifecta. What are your thoughts? Concerns, or problems with doing quality content? I’d love to hear it.


Written by zjw

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