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About Us


I am for the most part a Wyoming native. I moved to the Cowboy state in 1979 straight out of high school. I opened my first auto parts store in Bridger Valley in 1982 and started my family. Opened another store in Evanston in 1984. I loved the auto parts business.

I learned  many skills and talents, like:

  • How to market products using direct mail (we were real innovators in using direct mail to reach out and grab market share, it was super fun too)

  • How to build a strong relationship with our repair shop customers using incentives and promotions repeatedly

  • How to build a loyal customer base using a store card for extra perks, like free shipping on parts and discounts on certain product lines

  • How to manage inventory effectively and consistently beat industry average turn ratios

  • How to work with my team and build loyalty with each employee

  • How to keep customers coming back for more

  • How to manage it all and wear many hats doing it

  • And much, much more as a small business owner

Moving On
By 1996, 14 years later… as much as I love automotive and still do today, I decided to close my doors. It was time to move on to other ventures, but I took with me many experiences in management, marketing and most importantly, relationships.

I became fascinated with the Internet from early on. I built my first website in 1997 with a product called WebShop. It was what they call a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software product. It mostly wrote the code for you. Although it was fun, I was hungry for more, as I am one that needs to know the inner workings of something. So I began to study the core of the web… HTML.

I still study and write the latest in HTML, CSS & JavaScript, which is the structure of every website on the planet. HTML is the skeleton of the Internet, while CSS (cascading style sheet) is the skin and clothing for all the web to see. Finally, JavaScript provides the interactivity that one has come to expect in a true web experience.

The Big WHY’s
I have written, developed, architected and maintained many different websites over the past 16 plus years. Some include the very basic to the complex data driven and dynamic sites that power the web today. While many things have changed since I wrote my first site… one thing has stayed the same. It is simply the WHY?

  • WHY are you on the web?

  • WHY do you have a website, a facebook, a twitter?

  • WHY do you do it the old way, when it could be done much more efficiently and effectively on the web?

  • WHY not build your following on the web?

  • WHY not use your site to tell your story better?

  • WHY not help your customers answer their questions and problems on your website?

  • WHY not have your menu on your website?

  • WHY can’t your clients make a reservation or an appointment on your website?

  • WHY isn’t there a real call to action on your website?

  • WHY can’t visitors to your website read it on their smartphone without pinching, zooming and scrolling all over it to get the information that they want?

This last question is what finally drove me to build not only the site you’re reading this on, but to begin building what we call ‘Responsive Web Design’. Which really could also be called ‘responsible web design’.

Today, our kids are all grown up, and while our family continues to grow, We enjoy living here and the beauty that Wyoming offers. I enjoy the people here more than anything else.

My Simple Mission for You
I enjoy visiting with local business owners and asking some of the questions above as well as other thought provoking questions. Questions and discussion that may help to understand how to better utilize the web. To better help a business or organization’s customers and clients get their problems and desires resolved. To help your business attract a following or as it is  sometimes referred to today as ‘your tribe’ – So that your tribe will talk about you. Tell about you. Share stories about how you helped them solve their problem and get what they wanted. After all, that is WHY you are here. It is WHY you are in business… to help your customer or client take care of their problem with YOUR solution.

It is with total respect and admiration for you as a business owner, manager, director, marketer, head bottle washer and all the hats in between, that when I call upon you, or when you call upon me that we can mutually help one another and add value to our relationship. I look forward to that time. Please contact me today. Let’s visit about how I can help to add value to your web presence. How to get things done faster and more efficiently on the web. How to better serve your tribe.

Best Regards,

Zane Winberg
Bluewerx Design